Wicklow man attacked by homophobic 'good samaritan' in Australia 1456195628492

A 22 year old Wicklow man was brutally attacked in a bizarre double attack in Sydney Australia.

Dylan Souster from Laragh, Co Wicklow was walking home to his apartment in the early hours of last Sunday morning at around 1am.
He was attacked by a group of of seven people, who were kicking him in the head and body. The group was made up by 6 males and one female. Apparently the beating only stopped when the female pleaded with the men to stop.
Dylan staggered home and asked a man along the way for help. At first the stranger seemed nice and was willing to help Dylan asking him he wanted to contact his girlfriend. When Dylan Souster told the man he had a boyfriend and not a girlfriend, the 'good samartian' turned on him and punched him several times allegedy shouting "oh you have a boyfriend. You're a queer, you're a faggot" according to the Irish Independent.
Speaking to the Daily Telegraph in Australia, Souster said: “I’ve experienced verbal homophobic abuse in Sydney while alone and with my partner but never anything physical. I’m terrified to leave my apartment now".
Dylan sustained multiple facial fractures, tooth dislodgement, palate damage and bleeding in the ears. Severe swelling of the jaw means he can't yet speak properly, while one eye remains swollen and he has a split lip.