Volunteers needed for Cycle Against Suicide person-riding-bike-clip-art-752643 "Mental Health is an extremely important issue, affecting almost everyone in the country. It is even more prevalent and important for those in marginalised groups that can face significant and extra pressures due to their circumstance," says Dave Thomas, Chair of the Wicklow Pride Festival.
"The Organisers for this event are seeking people to support them, volunteer with them, and do what you can to make this event a great success. There is a meeting on Monday 14th March at 8pm upstairs in Christys Bar and Lounge on Arklow's Main Street. Wicklow Pride Festival is delighted to endorse and support this brilliant initiative as it helps create awareness of Mental Health, and suicide prevention."
The Cycle Against Suicide will take place from 24th April to 7th May and will pass through Arklow and Gorey on 6th May. S. Mary's is the host school where the cycle will arrive and depart from. Approximately 300 Homestay beds are needed in Arklow and Gorey on 6th May.
Anyone who commits to providing a homestay needs to be able to provide collection of cyclist from St. Mary's Arklow, an evening meal, shower (and towel), bed and breakfast and delivery back to St. Mary's on Saturday morning from 8am.